Torgor mevi nyie nyie (Raising a river child) short version

Torgo mevi nyie nyie (Raising a river child) is an insightful documentary that highlights the challenges in caring for children with cerebral palsy (CPPs) in Ghana. CPPs and children with other forms of disabilities experience various forms of discrimination, stigma, social exclusion, and mental health problems as a result of their condition.

It is therefore of paramount importance to be cognizant of these challenges and identify solutions that can improve the livelihoods of these children. With this documentary, we aim to raise awareness, shift perceptions and advocate for improved services for CCPs. We hope that this documentary will serve as a call to action for stakeholders ( policymakers, researchers, program implementers, health professionals, community members etc) to contribute to improving the well being of children with disabilities in Ghana and other African countries.

A film by: Habibat Oguntade (
Media Company: SacreFilms (
Supported by: CLCD – Ghana (

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